long love

Miso has long been a favourite and recently I found a sweet little Japanese bowl that just smiles sweetly and says “let’s make miso soup” to me every time I catch its eye on the kitchen bench.

My miso soup is home made. With about 4 different types of miso in the fridge at home it is easy to vary the flavour to my needs – from nurturing to a pick me up.

I remember the first time that I tasted miso soup. It was in the early days of Uchi Lounge in Sydney. On a day of extreme tiredness we sat in the late afternoon for a late lunch. I only wanted something light and ordered miso. I thought it was the most extraordinary soup with an amazing taste and which picked me up immediately, banishing my tiredness and leaving me feeling at peace with the world. We ate at Uchi often in those days, and my love of miso was born that afternoon.

At home it is very easy to make, especially as there are various home made miso pastes waiting in the fridge. Each one suits a different mood.


miso soup

Author: Ganga108

Heat in the Kitchen, Cooking with Spirit. Temple junkie, temple builder, temple cleaner. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness. Taker of photos. Passionate about family. Happy.

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