I washed the large quilt today and did some more bookwork. I picked up a couple of chairs for my new outdoor table. And I thought about journaling, writing each day. I thought about how it is a synthesis  of thoughts, an unplanned outpouring. A tapping into the subconscious. The way that things come together in ways that are not planned, or thought about. One thought leads to another, leads to another, leads to another.

I thought about how I love that free flow of associations, how sometimes sentences are not needed, the joy in discovering associations amongst ideas, thoughts, happenings that had not been apparent. I thought about what it teaches me about me, about how to be a better me, about how it sometimes settles me, grounds me.

I love having the time to play with ideas. There was a part of my life where I was busy, but in a quieter way, and often I would play with a word for a day. Or two. Or more. And then write about how I now understood that word in a very different way. It is a great practice that can totally change your outlook. You find yourself undoing the word in layers. Any word will do. Here are some to start with. Efficiency. Tolerance. Fear. Gardens. Corners. Travel. Contemplation. Parents. Choose one word, only one, and stay with it, spend a week with it.

Journaling takes time, at least 20 minutes at a time. It takes that time to draw the thinking from the depths of the mind, form thoughts and translate them onto paper. However it should not involve a lot of thinking and planning. It is a fairly fluid process.

Words do it for me. I like to play with words. For others it is pictures, or strings of words without form. or mindmaps. or collages. anything that is an expression, is done daily, is given time. and attention. and focus. It brings in a natural contemplation.

I thought about the time that I used to write a lot more. About how it would be nice to do that a lot more. It takes space. I don’t allow my self that space. Those punctuations in the day.

I thought about Simplicity and Stillness, my two favourite mantras. I thought about how my journey to them is very very slow. I thought about the richness of simple things. The joy of a telephone call. The sun rising. A smile. A comment on my post.

I thought about how much I love pears. Then I made a thick thick yoghurt.

I wanted to make a Shrikand. I got as far as making the yoghurt and found it so incredibly wonderful I ate it as it was. On scones with jam. On crumpets. On some chopped fruit. It is so very very good.



thick yoghurt


Author: Ganga108

Heat in the Kitchen, Cooking with Spirit. Temple junkie, temple builder, temple cleaner. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness. Taker of photos. Passionate about family. Happy.

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