I am a lot more aware these days. About all sorts of things. The way the light is in Autumn in Adelaide. Shade. Light. Pauses in music. How the silence is just as important as the notes. The gold of the leaves on Frome Road. How the light sparkles through the trees in Light Square. The need of all people for love. How good my new table and chair looks. The skin of a pomegranate and the fuzz on a quince. The bird that baths every afternoon, quite late, in my large water bowl. How when we breathe there is a pause at the top of our breath, and at the bottom. And sometimes the pause is more important than the breath. Silence.

I always knew these things but it is about reconnecting with them. Being aware of them again. Relaxing into them.

Communication is so important too.

In my work talk a lot to people about the importance of communication. When I started my business I had no idea that a lot of my work would be about how to hold meaningful conversations. Even if I had recognised the need, I might not have embraced that as something that I could do. But over the years, I have become fascinated with this topic and by the need in organisations. And in life.

I was reminded about the importance of communication in my own life today, by two separate occurrences. One was a comment that had an energy that I was not used to. The second was the need to have an important conversation with someone close to me.

I am trying to read every day this week. So far, so good. When the weather is fine, I sit outside with my yogi tea at my new little table. I love the morning and the autumn sunshine. In my reading this morning I read about the need to raise our consciousness when dealing with issues and problems. You know, if we can change our thinking, lift it from the negative and reactive, make it more positive, as positive as possible, then our actions and our reactions are very very different. The way we deal with the problem or issue is so very much better, and brings about a much different result.

I thought about this a lot today. I realised that raising our thinking detaches us from the issue or problem. It removes our emotional engagement with it. It is the difference between “how dare they” and “I understand where they are coming from, and what has led to this action, even though I might not like the action.” Sometimes a person’s whole life experiences can be seen in one sentence. If you are aware. If you look for it. If you read it in the words.

I thought a lot about my guru’s admonishment about communication.

“Think before you speak, and speak only that which is true, kind, helpful and necessary.”

That is a hard benchmark. And just to raise the bar a little, my own rule that I add to that is, “and speak it with love.” I don’t always measure up. Sometimes I don’t often measure up. It is a journey. With lovely rewards.

Only two communication challenges today. Given that we spend about 16 hours a day talking, that is not too bad.

Sometimes a person’s whole life experiences can be seen in one sentence. If you are aware. If you look for it. If you read it in the words.


yogi tea



Author: Ganga108

Heat in the Kitchen, Cooking with Spirit. Temple junkie, temple builder, temple cleaner. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness. Taker of photos. Passionate about family. Happy.

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