There was a grub on the marigolds this morning. A fat happy chappy, curled up and content. I couldn’t help laughing. It was almost as if I could hear his contentment and tiredness after munching through a dozen flowers, eating all of the petals. What an appetite Mr. Grub has. I took him and left him in another part of the garden where he can eat undisturbed – his munching won’t leave such detailed signs, and Mr. Bird Always Looking For Food is less likely to spot him.

There is a happiness in eating good food cooked with love, isn’t there. I felt really happy today. Once upon a time I cooked a vegetable soup that left me feeling so warm and happy that I named it “13 Treasure Happiness Soup”.

I continue to be amazed by the wonderful shadows of Autumn. Usually I say that I love the light, but actually it is the shadows I love. Cast by low sun, mellow after the summer blaze. Sometimes it takes my breath away. Light shining through trees. Roots exposed in shade and light. How flowers grow longer and lankier at this time of the year, and that causes them to swish and sway in the breezes. As I am driving, light plays in between buildings, spilling out onto the road in shards of sun.

I am obsessed at the moment by the shadows. There is a silence in them, a pause. Like that pause at the top of your breath, so empty, so necessary, serving to highlight your in or out breath. Like the silence Arvo Part uses in his music. Perfect. Necessary. Shadows. So it is with light.


13 Treasure Happiness Soup



Author: Ganga108

Heat in the Kitchen, Cooking with Spirit. Temple junkie, temple builder, temple cleaner. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness. Taker of photos. Passionate about family. Happy.

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