And so another weekend passes, such gorgeous weather. Late autumn and temperatures in the 20s (C), what can be more like heaven? There is something about Autumn, such a peaceful time, no more of the rushing of summer and not yet the curl-up-in-a-ball of the cold of winter. Leaves blow lazily around and make us feel lazy, and balanced, and peaceful. The tearing heat of summer is no more, the fight to stay cool, the rushing around in the cooler parts of the day, or to the beach, or to the icecream shop, or to the next airconditioned environment. No more rushing. Not yet the freezing mornings of winter, the rain, the heavily laden layers of clothes, the umbrella paraphernalia, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, boots. The labourious dressing and undressing as we move from environment to environment throughout the day.

Not yet the pollen laden sunshine of spring, timidly peeking out behind the slowly departing clouds of winter. Not yet the sneezing and wheezing amongst the joy of the roses, swollen eyes amongst the joy of flowering bulbs, the running noses as the gentle spring breezes waft that pollen across the land.

Praises be to Autumn. I love every other season, but in Autumn I am most myself.

Author: Ganga108

Heat in the Kitchen, Cooking with Spirit. Temple junkie, temple builder, temple cleaner. Lover of life, people, cultures, travel. Champion of growth, change and awareness. Taker of photos. Passionate about family. Happy.

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