It has been a cleaning and decluttering week in the offices, a real spring clean at work. Every bench, ledge, window has been cleaned. Everything lurking under desks has been cleaned. Every cupboard emptied, rearranged, cleaned, cleared, junk removed, shifted. Skirtings washed. Phones cleaned and disinfected. Entrances made beautiful. And interestingly, we all feel happier. So it wasn’t a surprise when I saw an article equating decluttering to happiness.

I have been looking at rangoli too. Rangoli are South Indian floor designs, traditionally made by women on freshly swept earthen entrances to their home, in living rooms and in temples on auspicious days. The designs are gorgeous, all made by running powdered rice and other powders through fingers.


declutter = happiness

diwali rangoli

India Floor Decoration, and the scriptural history of Rangoli with includes fascinating information about Kolam.

Interesting site documenting the history and evolution of Kolams in South India. In particular observations regarding women’s ability to learn, memorize and easily reproduce Kolam patterns everyday.

A website exploring the fractal dimensions of Kolam design.

An elegant website with information about Kolams. Including excellent gallery of Kolam designs and interactive tutorials of how to draw Kolams.

Fascinating website with tutorials of Kolams and Rangoli and many photographs of designs.





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