Oh how the outer suburbs are full of riches not found anywhere in the inner suburbs. Shifting mid-year, an unexpected move, has bought these treasures into my life and the kitchen.

I am best friends with the Cambodian owner of the large Asian grocery which outshines those in the Central Market. I love my little old Italian lady at the Italian Providore, who shares her wonderful knowledge of Italian food and always asks what I am cooking. The Tamil man at the Indian grocery and I share jokes. He loves my love of South India and we talk of Madurai and Rameshwaram and Tirupati.

My Spanish barista at the tiniest of cafes knows my preferences by heart. The Afghan man at the Afghan grocery jokes how I am much better behaved at the counter than most of his customers, and I tell him I love his dates and flatbread and cheeses. The Italian ladies at the Green Grocer share cooking secrets and definitely know what is in season and what is not. The Nepali ladies in several Nepali shops help me when the South Indian shop does not have quite what I need, and a little further away the Punjabi people in their huge shop have all of my North Indian needs.

This little area of undiscovered Adelaide is my treasure trove. Plus the food is so cheap, my food bill is about one third of what it was.


Author: Ganga108

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