cooling rhythms

Summer comes after a painfully long time, as though this year Summer needed to gather the energy to rain down the heat that is an Adelaide Summer. Almost Xmas, and in this cold house we still snuggle at night with light blankets in front of the TV. It is quite nice, wrapped up together, but oh, the washing of the blankets is a chore.

Perhaps Summer is still winding up, but it feels real now, feels a little closer on this 36C day, a true Australian day with blowflies buzzing and magpies cawkling.

So the rhythm of Summer begins. Juices made in the morning to cool in the fridge for soothing drinks. Teas turned into afternoon iced sippers. Smoothies and milk shakes, both made with a generous dollop of icecream. Lassi drinks made for hot morning breakfast replacers. And ice trays constantly replenished.

Xmas is almost here and it seems time for an early morning trip to the beach – glorious on these stinking hot days.


Panaka, Indian Limeade

Gin and Tonic with Chilli

Cooling Juices and Drinks

Lassi Yoghurt Drinks

Coolers – drinks that can be iced for Summer days

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