Are you finding 2017 a rather busy year already too?

Yet much amazingness in all of that busyness. I love how that happens. As long as we take the time to be aware of what is around us, slow down, breathe, look, listen, smell, and really see, really appreciate.

“To live positively and happily, exercise at least a half hour. Keep the body bright and healthy. Eat simply and follow a vegetarian diet, feed the stomach rather than the mouth. Be considerate of others always and live inconspicuously, almost transparently, by not ruffling your surroundings, by keeping your home neat and clean, by passing through a room or place and leaving it in a nicer condition than before you arrived. Seek fresh air and learn to breathe deeply. Get out in the sun. Move the physical body, walk briskly, dance, keep your energy vibrant and buoyant. Be close to nature. Grow food. Develop an art or craft so the hands are active and creative. Be neat in personal appearance. Live life as though you are walking in the rain without getting wet”

Such a good thing to keep in mind.

On the stove some whole green mung beans are bubbling, to have simply tonight, just with turmeric, salt and ghee. (Cook with turmeric for about half an hour until mushy. Add some ghee and salt.) Delicious, detoxifying and healthy. A green salad, some mustard oil to use up in the dressing. The home made cumquat pickles. Yoghurt with chaat masala and grated cucumber. Nuts. Fruit.

I have had great fun making Zucchine Sott’Olio with some large zucchini that my neighbour gave me. A wonderful soup with cashews and tahini saw the first large one put to good use. The second one, over a kilo in weight, made 2 small jars of a lovely Italian pickle. It took 4 days to salt, drain, cook in vinegar and drain, marinate in oil, then bottle. And the results already are great! I am not sure that I can wait the month to open the first jar! Instead of the herbs I used fennel seed, curry leaves and fresh red chillies.

There are some other recipes that are quicker – not draining, soaking, marinating for so long – the sort that you can complete in an afternoon. They would be great too. I just happen to love the slow thoughtful approach to food.


chaat masala

zucchine sott’olio

turns out you can use this same pickling approach for other veggies too. try Eggplant.  or turnips, plus a whole range of other vegetables. and another outline of how a huge range of veg can be preserved this way

cumquat pickles



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