And chillies hang like earrings from the chilli bushes. Amaranth leaves turn red and spectacular and my plans for removing them are delayed. Magpies are not fussy, sipping and bathing in the tray of water I keep in the front garden. Bulbs push through with the brightest of green leaves – a little early in my mind, but they know best. Bees and garden flies, wasps and moths and butterflies finally arrive, and a whole myriad of flying creatures – some so tiny – call this place home.

When I came, just over 9 months ago, there were no birds except magpies, no bees, garden flies, moths, butterflies. Just houseflies and weeds, thistles and soursobs, wireweed and waterweed. When Spring came, the flowers on my vegetables opened longingly into the void of the sky. No bees came, no verdant breezes, no fertilisation, no fruits of these vines.

And now Autumn comes, and the air is filled with birds and tiny flying things, wasps, a rabbit visits, a possum sometimes. Magpies follow me as I move around the garden. The morning chorus has filled out. Butterflies waft on the breeze. It is as though it took them 6 month to find my garden again. Vegetables and herbs flourish, we eat from the garden daily, a rhythm of seed planting is slowly establishing. Lanky Autumn flowers sway in the breeze.

And I found that the best deterrent for white fly in the zucchinis and eggplants, is doop smoke – those blocks of concentrated incense – two lit every morning just after dawn, allowed to waft in and around the leaves. Far too many white flies, the only pest in the garden so far, wreaking havc in the zukes and eggplant and melons, gone.


Author: Ganga108

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