the air smells of honey

It’s Sunday, and Spring, and a breeze is blowing, but not much. It is warm enough to sit outside, thinking about food and what might be on the menu this week. It is busy, the food will need to be easy and quick.

The air is heavy with the scent of sweet honey. There is a garden load of bees, loudly busy as they go about their work. The callistemon is in flower! Parrots and magpies come to investigate.

This massive 40 year old tree hangs over the garden robed in pale green bottlebrushes. Last year, as I moved into this house, it’s display was minimalistic and disappointing. This year, as if doing penance for past neglects, its pale green robes sway in the breeze.

Around the tree is the dark foliage of the prunus plum. There are bright green leaves as another tree pushes forth its hidden labour of winter. Pops of crimson colour from the bougainvillea. The locquats are nearly ripe.

We think about sumac cauliflower, crispy okra, perhaps some broad bean kibbeh. Spinach and chard from the garden. Pasta of course. Maybe a late night risotto. A celery and apple salad. The juice of a green mango. And a huge branch of bottlebrushes to grace the table.

Author: Ganga108

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